Can not restore AEM instance.



Hi guys,

Recently, I usually found an issue with AEM 6.4 instances. Sometimes I can not start the instances because of the error as below:

*ERROR* [qtp1120022051-69] handleSecurity: AuthenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request.

We checked in the host:port/system/console/jmx and found that com.adobe.granite repository didn't appear.

I tried to delete the index folder in repository/ and start again but AEM instance still appear same error.

I tried these steps in below links, but I can not find out any information about latest good revision. So that I can not delete any row in journal.log file.

Fix Inconsistencies in the repository when SegmentNotFound Issue is reported in AEM 6.x

Please tell me is there any way to check and restore the instance again.

In case that if I can not restore it, could you please tell me there is any way how to copy the configuration files and content from the dead instance to the new one.


Any answer is highly appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




It is recommended to use the same version of oak:jar as your existing crx's oak version. If you're able to bring it up, then you should be able to create packages to export your content/configs. I'm not aware of any other way to restore it.

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Answers (4)



Hi gauravb41175071,

Thanks for your response. If I run oak-run 1.8.2 to check good revision. I could not find out the lastest good revision. So I tried with oak-run 1.10 and found it. For some instances lost the data, finally I had to build the new ones. There is no way to restore the data for them.

Thanks for your response smacdonald2008, I found that this error usually happened with AEM instances.



Hi gauravb41175071

Thank you for your response.

I checked bundles that all of them are activated.

Then I tried to use a higher version of oak run package (oak-run v1.10 for AEM 6.4) to fix Inconsistence again, and found out the last good revision again. I removed some records in journal.log file and run compact command again. Finally the AEM instance can run back.

I have more than ten instances need to restore from this same error. Some instances were retored but they don't save any data or configuration. It look like the new AEM instance but some functions didn't work well. Is there any other way to restore the data and configuration settings of AEM instance?




Are you able to start the instance and check if any bundles are not 'Active' and either in 'Installed' or 'Resolved' state? Otherwise you may have to perform the same task via scripts while the server is offline.