Can multiple versions of acs-aem-commons bundle present under one aem instance

maheshl1806 21-08-2019

I have two bundles which are currently referencing 3.15.0 version of acs-aem-commons. Ex: bundle X & Y both refers to 3.15.0 version of acs-aem-commons.

For Y bundle, we want to upgrade to 4.2.2 version of acs-aem-commons as we will be retiring X bundle soon.

Is it possible to have both versions of acs-aem-commons bundle in my local aem instance?

I have followed steps mentioned in below given article to use 4.2.2 version of acs-aem-commons but it has affected the bundle X and acs-aem-commons imports are not getting resolved.

Using with Maven

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In theory, you might be able to package one version's bundle file locally within your code bundle and let another global version exist in Felix but  /apps or /etc specific scripts/paths would contain only a set of files shared globally. Hence, you may not achieve desired results.

I don't think that it would work.