Can I use content fragments to build a news/blog page?



I would like to create a dynamic news/blog similar to WordPress post using content fragments to display a list of news items with title, summary, and link to the Fullpage content.


Is this possible and how? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Will the blog posts be composed on author instance by content authors?

If yes, then sure you can use CF. You can create a CF model with whatever fields you require (e.g. title, body, etc.) - tutorial on CF models.

Better idea maybe to just create a component / template with the required layout and dialog fields to compose the blog posts. Then just create a new page using that template whenever you want a new blog post.

This is assuming you want an approach to create blog posts rather than a component to list down existing blog articles. It's not very clear from your post.

If you're talking about allowing end users to create blogs on publish instance then CFs may not be used since they're an author-only feather AFAIK.

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Answers (1)



Content Fragments are simply a collection of text and style. To build what you are describing, you will require a more complex set of components. You can look at using existing components or build your own components using Java and Sling Models.