Can I publish only certain component edit on a page without publishing whole page



Ex: I edited two components on a page and I want to publish only one component edits today and another component edits tomorrow. Do we have any solution without creating page versions?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




this is a most common request from the business.

Yes, it's possible to publish only a component instead of full page.

In order to do this you need to use the OOTB functionality called Launches [0].

With Launches you can define a copy of your actual page which can be modified and promoted in a specific date.

A launch is created to allow you to make changes ready for future publication (while maintaining your current pages). 


You can find here the common use cause which can be achieved with the usage of Launches:

"For example, the seasonal product pages of your online store are updated quarterly so that the featured products align with the current season. To prepare for the next quarterly update, you can create a launch of the appropriate web pages. Throughout the quarter, the following changes are accumulated in the launch copy:
  • Changes to the source pages that occur as a result of normal maintenance tasks. These changes are automatically duplicated in the launch pages.
  • Edits that are performed directly on the launch pages in preparation for the next quarter.
When the next quarter arrives, you promote the launch pages so that you can publish the source pages (holding the updated content). You can promote either all pages, or only those that you have modified."


I think that you can use this OOTB functionality in order to plan the publish of a single component without publishing the whole page and maintaining the sync with the source page.




Hope this helps.




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Answers (4)




There is nothing OOTB for selectively publishing components content. But as @antoniom5495929  mentioned there is something called Launches  Read it as see if it fits your requirement. Otherwise the next best option is CF/XF as recommended by others. Also as a developer you can go to the node of the content (via CRXDE) and replicate only that content. But this won't be available for the authors in general. 







HI @cnur24357457,

There is no OOTB method of publishing only certain parts of a page. However, your use case seems to fit well with Fragments (either Content Fragments or Experience Fragments).

A fragment is a piece of content which can be re-used in any number of pages. It can also be edited and publish independently from a page so it could be used to satisfy your use-case.

There are excellent documentations for Content Fragments here:

And for Experience Fragments here:, including a short video that explains the basics!

There are many advantages of using Fragments beyond just you use case so I recommend you give those documentations a read. Perhaps you'll find many problems that can be solved by using them! 🙂




Yes There is a way u can achieve this..Use crxde to do this.


Move to that particular node in the page  and replicate that particular component node only.

Refer the screenshot below..

replicating only Text  component in page.






If this is one off, you can probably try that using crxde.


However if this needs to happen frequently, then the best option is to review the content hierarchy or page building logic.


May be the components could be Experience/Content fragments that could be edited and published in their own cadence.