Can authoring be done using short URL's ?

ramgopalm545617 18-06-2018

There is a requirement from client that they doesn't want any links on the page to be long Url which contain full content path (/content/...)

We thought of using short URL's in authoring and activating the page, as AEM is not able to recognize the shorten URL, it's removing the reference from the page.

We thought of applying redirects at Apache level to shorten the URL in the browser, but that will help in one way but the links in the page can't be shortened.

Please help us here

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (4)

ramgopalm545617 20-06-2018

Hi Jorg,

As per your reply, once the sling mappings are configured for an internal redirect from domain to the full content path, it should automatically change the URL references in publish, but i don't see that it is happening. we have already configured /etc/map for the websites but still the URL's on the website are still long URL's.

I understand that this can be done using mod substitute in Apache, would you think that it would be good to use Mod_Substitute rather than AEM mappings?



ramgopalm545617 20-06-2018

Hi Donald,

Thanks for the reply.

This is for a single URL, but we want AEM/Apache to shorten the URL's automatically by removing the redundant content path in all URL's.




You could let the author select the pages with full page and store the full paths in the repository. And then configure sling mapping to rewrite the links to short versions.