bypassing SSO for CRX/De



Hi All,


We have enabled SSO on AEM Author domain( custom) and it's working fine. For logging into crx/de we use internal domain which is directly pointed to Author and hitting this internal domain we used to get normal crx/de login page without triggering SSO login.


However recently something changed and when we hit crx/de domain, it's triggering SSO login screen. Due to this we are not able to access crx/de or packagemanger or ConfigMgr. Even our Adobe CSE not able to login to crx/de using internal domain which is pointed/cnamed to Author IP address directly.


Any inputs what changes might have happened to trigger SSO on crx/de? Is there anyway we can disable/delete SAML Authenticator Config object so that we can access crx/de and verify configurations?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




@Antony6790 Can you please share your saml configuration file? OOTB crx/de is not part of Sling security. Mostly you should have changed something dispatcher settings, to route all traffic to path which has SSO enabled. Please validate once.


Also please try with "Ip address", which definitely be not part of dispatcher.

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