Bunlde is not starting



I am using a SCF framework to create a sample component and using AEM 6.3. When I run the mvn clean install the build is success but its not running on the AEM isntance. The error what I see is "com.adobe.cq.social.scf.core,version=[1.1,2) -- Cannot be resolved".

And the maven dependency added on the parent pom is







Do we need any special license to use SCF framework. Please help me on this.





Open the bundle in a tool like WinRAR. Open the manifest file and remove the version (for this Java package) from the import section. Then when AEM starts this bundle - it will pick up the available version.,

So if you see something like this:


remove the bold and change to:





I have removed the version from the Manifest file but it didnt not resolve. Actually I am using AEM 6.3 where as my pom.xml uber jar is refering to 6.2.0. After I change to the currecnt version it has resolved. But the problem here is, I am trying to create a custom component which I want to build using Social Community Framework. It is not extending any of the exisiting, but trying to build a new component all together which will create static json. When I try to hit the page using componentnode.social.json it is not returning the json defined in the java classes. I have written 4 java classes to acheive this.

1. AbstractFactory.java which is extending AbstractSocialComponentFactory

2. LeftNav1Factory mycomponent factory class extending from  AbstractFactory

3. BaseComponent which is extending from BaseSocialComponent

4. LeftNav1 my actual component which extends BaseComponent.

Please suggest me how to setup basic framework for SCF components, not extending a existing componet, it has to be a brand new SCF component. Any references please