Build failed for 6.4 uber-jar



The pom.xml which had a 6.2 uber-jar dependency and absolutely works fine. Now we are planning to upgrade it for 6.4 and after modifying the dependency to 6.4 then the maven build fails with the below error :

[ERROR] D:\path\xyz.java [0:0]:  (classpath:com.day.cq.dam.core.process.CreateThumbnailProcess) : Missing method bindJcrResolverFactory for reference jcrResolverFactory

[ERROR] D:\path\xyz.java [0:0]:  (classpath:com.day.cq.dam.core.process.CreateThumbnailProcess) : Missing method unbindJcrResolverFactory for reference jcrResolverFactory

The xyz.java class 'extends CreateThumbnailProcess' and didn't found any issues/deprecation/errors in the class at all but not sure why the above error is throwing while building the code.

I have observed the same error when update the pom dependency to 6.3 uber-jar as well. Please suggest how to resolve/by-pass this issue/error?