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Hi all,

I have a background in modern web development using Laravel (PHP) and Angular (JS.TypeScript) and feel very comfortable on the front end and back end side of things. I also have Java experience and am comfortable reading and writing it (at least up to an intermediate level). Given this type of background (no experience with JCRs, CMS, etc), what is the most effective way to come to grips with AEM and become proficient with it from a developer standpoint?

I have worked through the getting started material from Adobe and it either leaves much to be desired or I'm just not getting it. Aside from the very basics, I don't feel like I'm taking anything away from the training (in terms of being able to dive into a big existing project and get stuff done). Is this because I don't have a firm understanding of some underlying technologies or something? My goal is to really understand AEM and how it works as well as be able to proficiently develop new functionality while maintaining/fixing existing functionality.

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, Scott is right!! AEM Docs are just to begin with AEM. Also look into about all Community content, HELPX Articles, Ask the Community Experts sessions and GEMS sessions.

You will gain more knowlege on AEM. Also, once you get hands-on on these topics listed, you can try certification.

I too started in this same fashion and finally got certified last December 2016. I am sure you will definetely clear!!

In Addition to Scott, Try the below topics too and some of our community blogs which will surely help!!

//Create the simple project as shown here: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Getting Started with AEM Sites - WKND Tutorial

//Community blogs: Adobe AEM / CQ Club and 

Please let us know, if you need additonal information.



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Hi Keith,

The Developer training gives you insight into the basic concepts and the philosophy of the product. It cannot tell you about all the APIs and functionality in the product.

AEM is a big product, cotains a lot of functionality and provides even more APIs. To really understand AEM I would do this:

* get an understanding what JCR is: spend a day on reading the specification (you don't need to know anything by heart, but you need just an impresssion what it can and what it does)

* get to know Sling! Sling is used a lot throughout the product, and in most cases the source code is very readable. That's also a good way to learn how to develop with OSGI.

* Get the source of ACS AEM Commons, pick a random feature and look how it is implemented. Have a look at the product API used in this feature.

* Learn HTL and Sling Models.

And for the next level you need experience. You need to learn when to use which feature. You need to learn about the importance of content structures and ACLs. I would expect that after a year and maybe 2 completed projects you know pretty much about the strengths and weaknesses of AEM.

Hope that helps,





As Scott, Jorg and Ratna answered, please register your self in solution partner site. and start with learning of AEM with given videos.

Also please try to answer in Forum question, you will know the issues which world wide developer faces. Additionally refer the helpx articles where you will know about the use case and can do hands on work.

If you will face any difficulty feel free to post your question in forum.




You are right - the AEM Docs are just the beginning of AEM. They teach you how to use the AEM UI and tasks that you can perform from that UI - like uploading Assets, setting permissions, authoring tasks, etc.

However - the community has a lot of information. There are many end to end AEM HELPX articles (we have over 200 and community has many more)  that will teach you how to perform specific use cases.

You need to understand many things both on the back end and front end.  For example:

1. To learn how to get a basic AEM web site built -- see: Creating your First Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 website

2. To learn how to develop an OSGi bunlde and AEM service - see: Creating your first AEM Service using an Adobe Maven Archetype project

3. To learn how to write a HTL component with a Java WCMUsePojo - see: Creating an AEM HTML Template Language component that uses the WCMUsePojo class

4. Learn how to use Maven Archetype 11 - see: Creating an Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 Project using Adobe Maven Archetype 11

5. Learn how to write some AEM Components -- see: Developing your first Experience Manager 6.3 Components

6. Learn how to write a custom AEM workflow step -- Scott's Digital Community: Creating custom AEM workflow steps that send email messages

7. Learn how to write a custom HTL component that can consume a SOAP endpoint -- Scott's Digital Community: Creating an AEM HTML Template Language Component that displays data from ...

8. Learn how to write a custom HTL component that can consume a RESTFUL endpoint - Scott's Digital Community: Creating an AEM HTML Template Language Component that displays data from ...

9. A more advanced end to end that teaches you how to use Lazybones to setup an AEM Project -- Scott's Digital Community: Creating an Adobe Experience Manager project using Lazybones

Check out all of our HELPX articles here:

Scott's Digital Community

Join our AEM YouTube channel - where you will find lots of content -

AEM Community Channel - YouTube

Watch some of our webinars - Ask the AEM Communty Experts -- Adobe Experience Manager Help | Listing of Ask the AEM Community Experts

GEMS -- Gems

Taking the time to explore the content that i have listed and doing them will get you educated enough where you can join our ranks of AEM super users and know AEM enough to pass the certification exam. We have many community experts that started like you and are now certified.