Best way to check size of the children/has children node of the responsive grid 'root' node



Hi Community,


I am looking for standard/easy way to find the size of the first level children of the root responsive grid node. I understand that we can do it in jave/javascript code with list-children and find the size.


Is there any simple way in HTL itself to find that root node has children or not. if possible with size also.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@srikanthg212933 Below code should give you the number of child nodes in the immediate parent of your current node

<sly data-sly-test="${currentNode.parent.hasNodes}">
Size is - ${currentNode.parent.nodes.size}

, assuming your current component is inside the responsive grid node , the above code will get the number of nodes under the responsive grid


For eg : In my case I have 7 nodes under the responsive grid 



 And the above code outputs me Size is - 7

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