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We are running AEM 6.3. We just migrated from Classic UI to Touch, but we still have Classic UI users. We were planning on upgrading to 6.4 this year, and then 6.5 came out. Which path would be better - upgrading straight to 6.5, or upgrading to 6.4 first and then upgrading to 6.5? Or doesn't it really matter, because it will probably involve the same amount of work?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Upgrading an AEM involves a lot of planning and effort. So, I would recommend moving to 6.5 directly and that way you can save time and money.

Amount of work/effort required to upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4 and then to 6.5 will be almost double the effort/work required for directly moving to 6.5

AEM 6.5 still has all the classic UI consoles available. Users will still be able to use Classic UI in 6.5.

[1] Upgrading to AEM 6.5

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