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Best Roll Back Option


Level 4

Hi All,

Can someone tell me the best option to roll back the release on production system.

Installing previous version (lower version number) is not recommended and also unistalling the package is not recommended on PROD.

Build the package is the only option? Or do we have any other alternative??

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Employee Advisor

Can you be more specific? What do you mean with "release"? Have you performed an AEM upgrade and you want to roll it back to the previous AEM version?

Or have you performed an application deployment and you need to go back to the previously installed version of your application?



Level 4

Yes, i mean the applicaiton development and need to go back to the previous version on production.


Level 10

I was talking to internal ppl here. Response:

The repository changes with each release and I am not sure how backwards compatible (if at all) the repo is.  Next you need to determine which version they are on and what version they are trying to move back to. In my opinion, the potential to mess up a production environment is high.

This is one of those questions that is not easily answered in a few sentences. Once you determine why they are doing a rollback you can see if this is better suited for Support to handle.