Best Practice for Using Template Types in AEM 6.5



Dear All,

I have an requirement where I need to convert my all Static templates to Editable Templates.

Currently we have 11 static templates in existing AEM application.

So we are planning to convert 11 static templates to 11 Editable template Types ( NOTE THAT , not templates)

Is it a best practice to create multiple template types ??

Anybody can provide me the Adobe help document for the creating multiple Template Types???

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Accepted Solutions (1)





You don't need to create 11 template type for 11 static templates until you have different page components for all 11.

In a simple word -

The template type is changed by the developer.

templates from template type can be created by template authors.

If you have the same page component for all the templates and with different or same initial content then you can achieve this by 1-page template.

check - AEM Developer Learning : Dynamic (Editable) Templates in AEM 6.3 : Part-1

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Answers (5)




There is nothing wrong with creating multiple templates, the number of templates should be driven by your business requirements.

Have you seeing WKND project: Getting Started with AEM Sites Chapter 2 - Creating a Base Page and Template 

In chapter 2 it covers two templates creation



Dear berliant,

I am following below link only for converting static to editable templates. But here my question is related to the best practice document for creating multiple template types.

Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe

Can you please provide me the same.



Thanks ka for your quick response. Yes , I am aware that we should not use so many template types. But I am not finding any best practice documents related to this.

Can you/somebody please provide me the best practice document for this "or" where can I get in Adobe Help Center  (Adobe Help Center )??