Best approach for delta content migration after 6.5 upgrade



For one of our client, we need to upgrade AEM from version 6.4 to 6.5.

We are going within place upgrade for the same, but issue that we see is with delta content migration.

We will have around 8 weeks window after in place upgrade and final production go live with 6.5, so we are not sure which strategy we should follow so that we can migrate the delta content(which is changed during 8 weeks) with all version history of content and workflows. 

We have thought of Vault RCP tool but we do not have good experience with this tool in past where we faced corrupted binaries, and also this tool doesn't migrate version history.


Also someone suggested me using grabbit, for which we don't have any past experience.


Looking for your help/suggestion for finalizing best approach.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Ashish,


The process I had followed in past with most of the clients (and it worked very well) is - For migrating delta content (such as Pages, Assets or Tags), we wrote custom Groovy scripts. These Groovy scripts run JCR_SQL2 queries to find out content modified during a period. Eventually these scripts create content package for delta (created or modified) pages, assets and tags. Then we download these packages from old AEM instance and upload/install on new AEM instance. We usually ask content authors to freeze content authoring during the script execution phase.