Batch or Bulk Publishing with MSM setup



This is becoming critical requirement in any projects with MSM setup. Authors don't like to publish each page. Did any one solve these problems in nice way?

example: I have global en masters sites rollout to 70 child sites. author dont like to publish each page by traversing to each site.

Any nice way of automating it?

I can think of develop a workflow to creating a package of those rolled out pages and replicate them. But it will give performence issue if user initiates workflow consecutively (say 5 workflows within 5 mins which is nothing with sending 70 *5= 350 pages update in publish environment while the same publisher serving user traffic)

Any better solutions or thing to keep in mind while applying above solution?






Hi Kautuk

Target activate is helpful but as i mentioned ,for a site where there is a heavy content updates happening, this will degrade the performance of the publish server. consider we have en master is having 70 en-country sites, Authors may publish 5 to 6 pages within 5 mins from Master site in in turn activate 350 pages which will affect the publisher performance . JCR write is always a resource intensive.