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swaroopgadikota 05-06-2018

In the process of upgrading AEM from 5.5 we have migrated content to 6.2....... Initial validation with sample content is done on Dev, Test environments. Then we moved entire content to Stage Environment along with some new content. Clients started working and did their validations.

Moving from Stage to Prod:

Instead moving entire repository from stage, we went with Golden copy on prod and did VLT RCP Sync between AEM Authors and Publishers. Once the sync is done Clients come up with few more content on stage, we think instead of running VLT RCP for new content we setup replication agents that push to both Prod author and Prod publishers if they published anything from stage. Clients published content from stage author to stage publisher, prod author and also prod publishers to keep all 4 instances in sync. Here comes the issue.

We did cutoff the replication agents from stage author to prod author, prod pub. and started working on Prod author and Prod publishers.

Now Prod author is not showing replication status to Prod publish whether it is activated or not. Client started deleting content on Prod author with out deactivating from Prod Publishers. Since Author Content nodes are not mapped to Publisher content nodes we are  not notified with the deletion of Content which is default AEM Behaviour.

QUESTION: How to keep the the xxxGB of content sync from Prod author to Prod publish with replication status(activated or deactivated).

Solution we think to follow the below article:

Set Replication Status

The issue here I found is


  • The user name to use in the replicated by property
  • Defaults to ‘migration’"

For XXXGB of content we will have one "replicatedBy"name, or we will end up changing workflow arguments everytime.

Also running workflow on XXXGB of content might take longer time.

Is there a better solution to get the "Last Replicated By" status from previous Author to present Author and along with replication status and keep content in sync with Prod Publishers.

Is there a better approach we should follow.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Wow, that's bad.

The easiest way would be replicate again all content from PROD author to PROD publish. It might take a while and you will probably use tree activation to activate larger subtrees, but that's the easiest way I can think of.

I am not sure if you can package just single properties into a content package. Because then you can create a package on Stage Author and just add the "cq:lastReplicated" and "cq:lastReplicatedBy" properties and install it with merge policy set. That could work (please test and validate it before you use at PROD!).

Everything else (like reading these properties from Stage Author and POSTing them to each page on PROD author) requires coding.


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