Audio(.mp4) assets not extracting metadata




i found that when i imported an asset , .mp4, the audio bit rate, Audio codec etc, never got extracted and as a result is blank in the basic tab when you edit the properties, anyone knows if i could be missing a workflow perhaps?

Please let me know

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Thanks Sumer and Kautak... appreciate the confirmation.

I wonder if we could have it extracted perhaps somehow, maybe a workflow customization.

Also curious,

i uploaded a .mov and i do not  find any metadata and yes, it is per the documentation . But why would we have metadata displayed without values and it cannot be edited

i uploaded a .mp3 asset and it did not bring in the metadata either , but the documentation says it does .. please let me know





Hi , Apologies for late reply as I was not available in office.

We extract the all the information from the ID3 tags of Mp3 files, which you can show by configuring the Metadata schema forms.

For example you can display the Title of the Mp3 file, but this property would be read only.