Audience Manager - Unique Trait Realisations vs Total trait population



Hi there,

Wondering if someone can explain the difference between unique trait realisations vs total trait population.

I uploaded a .overwrite file (containing onboarded traits - ie our offline CRM data)  3 days ago and noticed for some of my traits (looking at results for Device ID, the unique trait realisations are showing zero for 1 day, 7 day,s, 14 days and 30 days. For 60 days and 90 days, it is showing a non zero volume.


Total trait population shows zero for 1 day but nonzero values for 7 days, 14 days ....

What does this mean - has my upload  been successful?

Also when I choose cross device ID view, I do get non-zero numbers for unique trait realisations for 7 days, 14 days etc and total trait population non-zero numbers from 1 day onwards. 

What is the difference between the device ID view vs cross Device id view.

The important question is "has my upload worked" Please advise. Thanks. 

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