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assets offloader aem 6.4.2


Level 2

AEM 6.4.2

I followed the blog Setting up AEM Author Workflow Offloading – Engineering a New World  and Adobe documentation to set up offloading author instance.

When I upload an instance, "update asset offloading" workflow is in "RUNNING" status on master / leader author. I do not see the asset in worker /offloading instance.

I do not see any log statements in replication agents of both master and worker about any replication of assets.





I have all the job topics disabled on both instances except offloading job ( enabled on worker instance). Not sure, if I need to enable any other topics on any of the instances.

Asset is uploaded and renditions generated in Master instance. Even though offloading work instance does not have any replication of asset and "Update Asset Offloading" workflow is in forever "RUNNING" status.

Any help ?


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The article listed is not an official Adobe documentation.

Here it is:- Assets Offloading Best Practices , Assets Workflow Offloader and Offloading Jobs

Kautuk Sahni