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Currently, I am using 6.3 version. To activate last modified date for any asset I have enabled the OOTB workflow( DAM Metadata Writeback) and updated an asset. So, after updating I could see last modified date but I observed there were large number of tar files being generated in the segmentstore of repository. Tar file size of 200MB-250MB kept on generating till I disable the OOTB workflow.

It would be great if anyone can suggest me how to get rid of this issue.

Thank You

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If your requirement is just to update last modified date, then you could use 'DAM SET LAST MODIFIED DATE'  (http://localhost:4502/editor.html/libs/settings/workflow/models/dam/dam_set_last_modified.html​) with appropriate launcher configuration(s).

DAM Metadata Writeback would create versions of each asset whenever it gets modified and that could be the reason you're able to see large number of tar files. If you want to continue using it, then you may have to schedule periodic TAR maintenance/cleanup tasks.

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