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What's the difference between scheduling a (de)activation of an asset and scheduling an publish/unpublish of an asset?  Why would an author want to use one option over the other since they appear to do the same thing?



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Certain terms related to publishing can be confused:

Publish / Unpublish These are the primary terms for the actions that make your content publicly available on your publish environment (or not).

Activate / Deactivate These terms are synonymous with publish/unpublish.

Replicate / Replication These are the technical terms describing the movement of data (e.g. page content, files, code, user comments) from one environment to another such as when publishing or reverse-replicating user comments.

Activate/Deactivate were the terminologies used in classic UI, you can see this on any version of AEM if you invoke the old screens - go to http://localhost:4502/siteadmin or use cf# to edit the page (http://localhost:4502/cf#/content/app/en.html) and go to page properties in side kick, you'll notice Activate/Deactivate.

On Touch UI, you'll notice Publish/unpublish, check page properties using the editor.html(http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/app/en.html) or any other console in Touch UI.

They both mean the same - moving data from author environment to publish environment. Taking it a step further, it can also mean moving data from author to the dispatcher(via the publisher), with an added flexibility of clearing cache for that page during publishing/activating.

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