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We are trying to use the AEM Asset API to upload the asset from external system and update the asset meta data:

PUT - http://localhost:4502/api/assets/we-retail/647401-ABTestSmithAsset-FINALCORRECTED.pdf

Content-Type - application/json

{"properties":{"metadata":{"dc:description":"test desc","dc:language":"English","dc:title":"Test Activity - DAM UAT 2019-12-111259 - Test","pdf:title":"Test Activity - DAM UAT 2019-12-111259 - Test"}}}


"class": [
"properties": {
"path": "/api/assets/we-retail/647401-ABTestSmithAsset-FINALCORRECTED.pdf",
"parentLocation": "/api/assets/we-retail.json",
"referer": "",
"changes": [
"argument": "/api/assets/we-retail/647401-ABTestSmithAsset-FINALCORRECTED.pdf",
"type": "modified"
"location": "/api/assets/we-retail/647401-ABTestSmithAsset-FINALCORRECTED.pdf.json",
"status.message": "OK",
"title": "Content modified /api/assets/we-retail/647401-ABTestSmithAsset-FINALCORRECTED.pdf",
"status.code": 200

the name space was changed from dc to jcr post update

dc:description --> jcr:description
dc:language --> jcr:language

The asset folders are associated with custom Metadata Schema that supports the fields with namespace dc - the fields are empty in the UI as the metadata fields are now updated with jcr namespace

Let me know if you have some insight on this

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