Approver not able to move to next step in workflow



i have a group called approver inheriting permission from OOTB content-author and workflow-user. A simple workflow attached in the image. But when the admin starts the workflow on a page, the workitem is present in the inbox of approver and he is able to add annotation to the page. but he is not able to move to the next step. even after choosing the next step for completion, the approver stays in the same state of the workflow instance.

seems like an ACL issue but cant figure out what.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Please check "handler advance" option is selected in the step


The handler advance option when true (checked), will advance the workflow to the next step after the current process is done with its execution.

 In case the handler advance option is false (unchecked), the process script has to take care of advancing the workflow to the next step. In case the script doesn't handle this, the workflow would remain in the running state without proceeding further from the current step.



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