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TL;DR - I'm trying to apply a clientlib to the page content in editor.html without it being included in the published content.


AEM has a clientlib for FontAwesome here: /etc/clientlibs/acs-commons/vendor/fontawesome/css/font-awesome.css.

This is included in editor.html, but because the content of the page is actually in an iframe, the font-awesome styles don't apply to any of the components. I'm trying to figure out how I can either 1) use the existing CSS call to apply to the contents in the iframe or 2) find a way to include the font awesome CSS in the page content just in the authoring mode and not have it get included when the page gets published. It's a long complicated story, but our content is being placed inside a wrapper that already calls font awesome (but this wrapper isn't in AEM). I could just include it into the page template, but then we would have two calls loading the CSS (in the header, and in the page content).


Looking for any suggestions of how I might make this work. Thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @SiriusRex 


The clinetlib of the css file is "acs-commons.fontawesome". You can check first if the wcmmode is edit and then include the cientlib in your site header like this:



<sly data-sly-test="${wcmmode.edit} "data-sly-use.clientLib="/libs/granite/sightly/templates/clientlib.html"
     data-sly-call="${clientlib.css @ categories='acs-commons.fontawesome'}"/>



Since the page in editor.html loads in iframe, you will have to include this statement in site header html.


Hope it helps!



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Answers (1)




use the category cq.authoring.editor on the clientlibs you want to load only on editor mode. 

Adobe loads all authoring component clientlibs using this category. Reference at [1]


[1] - /libs/cq/gui/components/authoring/searchfield/clientlibs/searchfield