Angular based pages not loading on IE.



Hi All,

We have Angular based pages on our site. However those are not loading on IE9-11.


ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): ReferenceError: 'fetch' is undefined

ReferenceError: 'fetch' is undefined


Has anyone faced this ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





It looks like you are trying to test an older browser that does not support a modernise Web Browser API. Taking a look at the, it seems the fetch is not supported in IE11 and lower. This problem looks like a vanilla JavaScript issue, and not with the AngularJS framework.

If you wish to get fetch to work on IE11 and lower, you can check out the fetch polyfill library,, or simply use a modernised JavaScript library like axios; however, axios only supports IE11.

Also, many companies stopped supporting IE 11 and lower because these are legacy browsers. You should definitely check with your product analyst or project manager to get a list of devices and browsers that you need to support.


To sum it up, Fetch is unsupported from IE 11 and lower, so this is the main reason why you are seeing such errors in the console.



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Answers (1)



I was able to resolve this in the below manner:


Polyfill.js(Added 2 libraries)

import 'custom-event-polyfill';
import 'whatwg-fetch';


Package.json(added this)

"browserslist": [