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Is there any documentation or white paper available on public domain or on partner solution portal about the basic steps to be taken for a customer to move from custom AWS to Adobe Managed Service?

Sure, we need to understand specific details in a discussion mode with Adobe, but just for preparation to have a meaningful discussion, I am searching for such documentation.



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Answers (1)




AWS does support AMI / EBS sharing so theoretically you could pass an image to an AMS AWS account. I don't speak for AMS so I'm unaware their specific processes for helping migrate an on-premise deployment to their managed infrastructure. 

In the traditional sense of migrating servers essentially you need to move crx-quickstart / segmentstore / datastore directories from the origin server to the new server and stand it back up, making the necessary IP/PORT changes for replication agents, scd, dispatcher etc.

Side note : newly provisioned AMS instances are likely on Azure, and not necessarily AWS.