Ampersand in resource name causing AEM to freeze when dragging in a component




I have encountered an issue where AEM freezes and becomes unresponsive when adding a component into the data sly resource below:



<sly data-sly-resource="${'q&a-parsys' @ resourceType='wcm/foundation/components/parsys', decorationTagName='div'}"></sly> 



I have narrowed down the cause to the ampersand in 'q&a-parsys' as it works without freezing AEM when changing the code to be 'q-and-a-parsys'.



Why am I unable to use the ampersand character in this context?

As this previously worked is this a new defect in AEM?

Is it anything to do with this hotfix in AEM assets - Renaming a file using some unsupported special characters like ampersand (&) creates an invalid folder. NPR-29196: Hotfix for CQ-4265037?

Is there a solution other than updating the name in the html file (ideally I'd like to avoid having to update all instances of this resource on Production)?



I have done some further investigation and it appears this also wasn't working on AEM 6.4.6 so it's unlikely that it's related to the hotfix in AEM ampersand data-sly-resource freezing resource

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Sounds like a regression, and you should report that to Adobe support asap.


What was the servicepack you were using previously and where it worked?

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