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After 6.4 Upgrade For Some Users One Group Is Getting Dropped


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Hello Everyone,

Recently we have upgraded our servers from 6.2 to AEM 6.4.4 and we observed for some users one group is getting dropped frequently in author

because of this user is unable to edit the page. Once this group is added then the user is able to edit the page. Can any one help me in this issue why particularly only this group is getting dropped for some users.

Thanks in Advance.

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- Is it a custom group?

- Does this group exist in AEM? Is it that only the membership getting lost or the group is getting deleted?

- Is it possible someone actually manually doing any changes to group memberships?

- Check if there are any nodes left under "/var/upgrade/PreUpgradeBackup" from Crxde




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Do you have a custom authentication handler or SAML configured?. If latter then ensure the group assignment and creation of group is working as expected by looking at the OSGI config. If former then make sure that your custom code is appropriately assigning proper group after it receives the SAML assertion.