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Hello ,

I am part of innovate Partnership program and want to learn the basics of AEM. Goal is to build few components retrieving data from external services and displaying in AEM. Few questions:


1. How do i download AEM6.5 jar file? 

2. What is the best possible path to learn basics of AEM which takes me to build the components in AEM

3. What is the key information so that components are authentication aware for ex: how to differentiate components for authenticated vs public users. 


Appreciate your help. 



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




If you have a valid AEM license, you can download the jar file from ""


For users, you could set a boolean property named "external" under the user's profile node(/home/users/****/profile)and map it to SAML property or set is using custom code.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)



Hey, For Downloading the jar your organization must be a solution partner with Adobe.


Point 1-

so there you will fill the form and you will get an email with a jar download link and license key.


check this


Point 2-

If you want to learn about AEM, please visit this youtube channel
In addition, please go through with basic helpx articles.


Pont 3-
Can you brief me about what you want to achieve?







Check this similar post

In the comment section Nupur has provided all the important links to learn the basic of AEM.

Make use of Search bar as well . Type keywords of your query in search bar  and you will find some related posts. 


Though for AEM Jar if your org is partner with Adobe you can request for AEM(trail licence) by requesting for it from solution partner portal.