AEM6.5 Disable Some selected fields in Action Bar for specific Metadata schema Folder [DAM]



Hi Team,


when I tried to disable the "Properties",  "To Collection" , "Annotate" , "Quick Publish"

from Action Bar for specific Schema folder. It is disabling for all the schema folder.



The requirement here is

- Suppose we have two schema folder in DAM, with different metadata schema, eg. public and central-library having their respective metadata schemas


Now, If I open central-library schema folder and I need to restrict "Properties",  "To Collection" , "Annotate" , "Quick Publish" from Action Bar only for central-library schema, not for Public folder.


How to Restrict that for specific folder?




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Thank you.


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Answers (2)

Answers (2)




Hi @tushaar_srivastava,

If metadata schema is associated to a folder in DAM, respective folder/jcr:content will have a property named metadataSchema with value being the schema path.

Conditional logic in this use case to control the display of actions goes like this,

Check if a DAM folder has central-library schema(via a check using the property above) for which DAM folder path is retrieved from requestPathInfo object via requestPathInfo.suffix.

Using this conditional check in granite:renderconditions or in granite:hide will work only on page load. As we switch between folders within /assets.html, conditional check will not be evaluated for the same reason mentioned above.

You can make use of JS

  • To get the DAM folder path on select of an asset by listening to click event on Quick action - "Select"  button. (based on your AEM version, use the selectors considering all 3 view - list, column and card)
  • Perform the logic using the path retrieved in previous step
    • via AJAX call to servlet (conditional check based on schema using property above) or
    • conditional check based on folder path (Only if it is known that schema is limited to one or two folder paths and this logic need not be moved to servlet, can be written as is in JS)
  • Display/hide desired action elements by .addClass() or .css() jQuery function based on the outcome of previous step