AEM6.4: a custom workflow deployment without CRX

yurin3723610 08-11-2018

Dear All,

since AEM6.4, the new or updated in UI custom workflows go to /conf/global/settings/workflow/; the runtime code for them is generated and put to /var/workflow/ subtree. To make an update, I should use, again, the UI and press SYNC there regenerating runtime.

Now the question: how to do the same at the deployment time on a remote server from a Maven build job?

Needless to say developers have no access to the production server UI.

Should I keep the /var/workflow in my Git repository?

Or should I someway issue POST /conf/global/settings/workflow/models/test_workflow/jcr:content.generate.json from a Maven plugin, for all of my not so many workflows?

The solution is probably simple but not obvious to me. Please help!

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

shashi1223 08-11-2018

My option is to do the sync process in Local environment and commit both /conf and /var paths in GIT. With this /conf will be used for future editor flexibilty, /var will be a committed runtime workflow.

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