AEM6.3 with Angular4.4.6



Hi All

I need some help to integrate AEM6.3 with AngularJS4 Framework.

  • Which can be architecture flow for integrate AEM 6.3 with angular 4
    • which is the right approach to integrate an Angular component in AEM and Viceversa
    • the right approach is building clientlib at angular end and integarting with AEM

  • which are the library dependencies that should be guarantied? as of now, we have tried to follow article about AEM + Angular2 but there are different library dependencies.
  • there is some documentation/tutorial available for this scenario?
  • furthermore If we place typescript files at the component level or somewhere in the apps folder, then every time we compile the typescript files produces javascript files which may impact on the page performance
  • the Single Page Application can be exposed from AEM6.3 integrated with Ancular4? there is some documentation/tutorial available for this ?

Thanks in Advanced






to provide major info about what we are experimenting below some additional details:

following article about integration between AEM with Angular 2, we was  able to have sample application running within AEM container integrated with angular 2, but AEM components are not getting rendered properly, as shown in picture for Text Area Components. Have you any suggestion on how to manage rendering of AEM components like this?

the next step of our poc is to recreate same component, upgrading sample angular2 application in Angular 4. any further suggestion on that?




hello, to perform our implementation about this topic we have followed below Adobe Article:
Adobe Experience Manager Help | Integrating the Angular 2 Framework into Adobe Experience Manager

but is there any new documentation reference related AEM6.3 and Angular4?

if not, why AEM hasn't deep further this kind of integration?

note that, we have integrated successfully AEM6.3 with Angular, independently from Angular version 2 or 4, but we would like to understand if our adopted approach is in line with Adobe recommended integration Pattern.