AEM6.3 Touch ui (coral)dialog does not come up with cq:page is present under /etc/project/report




We are created few cq:page under /etc/project/report with cq:PageContent having

sling:resourceType  String cq/reporting/components/reportpage

The classic dialog works here with no issues ,but when we use touch ui dialog it does not show. But when i copy the same page under /content

the touch ui works.

Any inputs as how to make the touch ui dialog to come under /etc/project/report


Answers (4)

Answers (4)



I am currently using the below url to open the existing reports which works in classic ui and for touch ui the dialog does not come up


The same behavior when i use any ootb using http://hostname:4502/editor.html//etc/report/existingreport.html

I see that there is no touch ui dialog present ootb may be that is reasom it does not work.

But for the custom reports we want touch ui dialog to be present but does not work.

Any inputs on this




I believe repository restructuring was done in AEM 6.4. So, it should not affect anything on 6.3

Do you see the same behavior when trying to load an OOTB report under "/etc/reports" ?

Also, how are you trying to open the reports in Touch UI? Can you share the steps?