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AEM6.2 Migration: 403 Forbidden error not thrown


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Hello there, 

As recommended by Adobe, We are doing migration in our application from AEM 6.1 to AEM 6.2.

We have followed the migration steps as mentioned in the below link


We have completed our migration in our test environment. We did not face any issue in the migration.

We have noticed an below issue in our testing phase:

When we access dam folder like ‘www.xyz.com/content/dam’ we suppose to get 403 forbidden error instead we have got 500 error (Not a valid identifier 'index,index.html'). This issue is not noticed before migration i.e. AEM6.1

In the CRX (i.e. AEM6.2), I have noticed under ‘/content/dam’ there is a ‘rep:policy’ node which contains ‘allow’ node from ‘allow’ to ‘allow14’ nodes. When I cross check in AEM 6.1, I can see the same nodes but it’s from ‘allow’ to ‘allow4’.

Is this issue cause of ‘allow’ nodes? To confirm this I tried to delete the nodes, but nodes are remove protected.

Please help me to understand the issue, is it cause of allow nodes? If it is so, how to remove the nodes.

Or If my understanding is wrong suggest me how to overcome from this issue?

Is it AEM 6.2 issue?

Your help would be much appreciated.



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Hello guys,

Any thought on above issue..Is it AEM 6.2 issue? Shall I raise Adobe ticket?