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AEM6.1 Facebook Login Integration


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Any solution to this problem? I am facing the similar issue with AEM6.1 raised by Akshita and here is steps I have taken;

  1. Created new fb app id
  2. App I'd is approved with require permission that is public_profile
  3. Created new cloud service with new fb app id
  4. And tested, it works fine but public_profile attributes doesn't appear like family name,   Given name, email address etc. 
  5. The name node is available with name only
  6. Next test...
  7. Tried with geomatrixx provided cloud service and works fine and almost all public_profile attributes nodes with value is available
  8. Next test...
  9. Tried to add app id in geomatrixx cloud service and the result negative once again with none public_profile attributes available

Note following steps - when you try to recreate this in your box;

  1. if you are playing with geomatrixx cloud service with your app ID then make sure to check slign configuration as it does not reflect sometime hence it will pickup geomatrixx app ID
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Akshita wrote :

 Found that it is working as expected with Facebook API v2.3 and below.

The issue exists for latest Facebook API v2.5.

Internally, we've been unable to reproduce the problem with Facebook API v2.5.

The current recommendation is to open a support ticket if you need v2.5.

- JK