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Hello everyone,

I have implemented in my AEM project the Translator to Manage Dictionaries.

I was thinking that i should able to edit a label and then replicate that change for all the others AEM instances, but i don't any option to do it in the Translator interface. Then i found the note that is in the image below.


This note means that if have several AEM instances and i want to update some label without make a deploy, i have to make the same update in each one of the AEM instances manually?
There is no option to replicate the update as it's possible to be done with content?

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @daf99 ,

To add to this, we have an OOTB implementation that AEM provides to manage dictionaries. A console for managing the various translations of texts used in component UI. This console is available at http://<hostname>:<port-number>/libs/cq/i18n/translator.html. See for more details.


With respect to the given use case, the i18 keys can be replicated to publisher in different ways as mentioned below.

·         Manually creating the i18 nodes in publisher

·         Creating the package from author and deploying it to publisher

·         Replicating the nodes through tree activation

Login to treeactivation.html - http://<<Host>>:<<Port>>/etc/replication/treeactivation.html





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Hi @daf99 


The note you specified basically means that the translation dictionary should be part of source code. As a best practice, we keep the translation in code base and they are installed as part of deployment. As mentioned in note, this process makes tracking of changes easy and maintainable.


The translation dictionary interface is mostly used when we need to make changes that are urgent and needed  prior to deployment.


Also, the translation dictionary can be replicated using tree activation feature and should work properly. You can also read


Hope it helps!