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We are utilizing taxonomies in the AEM 6.5 project, is same taxonomies can be used in other Adobe environments? (i.e., Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, etc ) ? How are they managed? Are the taxonomies independent or overlapping? 

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Hi @sumanthaem42,

As per my understanding, taxonomies in AEM are different than what we have in other Adobe solutions like Target, Analytics etc. To tag content and leverage the Tagging infrastructure, AEM leverage TagManager api with following:


  • The tag must exist as a node of type [cq:Tag](#tags-cq-tag-node-type) under the taxonomy root node

  • The tagged content node's NodeType must include the cq:Taggable mixin

  • The TagID is added to the content node's cq:tags property and resolves to a node of type [cq:Tag](#tags-cq-tag-node-type)


While in Adobe Target and Analytics, we leverage DTM implementation, you can check for more details.




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