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AEM + Target Experience Fragments Offer Delivery Issue


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We have several multi-domain websites deployed on our AEM 6.3.3 instances with several etc map rules (only on publish instances). We are leveraging the Push to Target functionality for pushing experience fragments into Target as experience fragment offers.

In Target, when we check the Imported Experience Fragment offer by clicking the info icon , it shows appropriate Offer Delivery URL from Publish instance, but on the contrary, while we target the same offer on web pages it appears that the offer is being served from Author instance but not from Publish. As the CTA URLs on these offers are not shortened and are leading to 404 on web servers. While the same exp fragment if viewed on the publish instance (Offer Delivery URL) has shortened URLs on the publish experience fragments.

Steps Followed:

  • Target cloud config set on AEM Author instance and replicated the cloud config.
  • The same config applied to Exp Fragment.
  • Published Exp Fragment and Push to target used to push the same into Target.
  • Validated the imported Experience Fragment Offer in Target.
  • Created an Experience Targeting activity on web server URL leveraging Exp Fragment offer on one of the experiences.

Can someone share thoughts if they have encountered and resolved this?



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