AEM Support for Omnichannel Experience



Hi all,

We are aware that Omnichannel is a cross-channel business model that offers clients the ability to be in constant contact with a company through multiple avenues at the same time.

Channels could be physical locations, FAQ webpages, social media, live web chats, mobile applications and telephone communication.

What are the requirements of a Web Content Management (WCM) towards this requirement?

Especially, how and in what ways does AEM support this ask?

I am aware that it is a quite open ended question, but some useful pointers will help.

Appreciate your responses.



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Hi Jorg,

I do not think that it is a marketing question.

It is definitely a technical question.

Given a WCM feature, people are tempted to find whether it is supported by a specific WCM tool.

For example, MSM. For some one asking what support AEM has for MSM, we could very well explain the whole AEM MSM functionality.

My Omni Channel Experience question is also exactly in the same lines.

What support AEM has for this? It is not also necessary that all features are supported.

In such cases, we advise the people to take up custom development, given that AEM is built in open source and open standards.