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My understanding about AEM static component is that, static component is a component  which is having no data operation logic written into it.  It is made of static content with dialog properties data(no logic performed on the dialog data or business data).

If my understanding is not correct please guide me how it is different from component along with all the required  steps to make it.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




In AEM there is no term like static components. AEM Components can be used to get data from the dialog or some other sources. If you are getting data only from dialog without changing, you can directly read in HTL like ${properties.propertyname}

If you are manipulating values then you need to use the sling model(JAVA) or JS USE API and return values in HTL, there you can apply business logic. Business logic could be anything manipulating values, reading values from other sources, etc.

HTL Java Use-API

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Working with Sling Models in Adobe Experience Manager 

There is no difference in creating static or dynamic components, both are same.

AEM has a concept of static and dynamic templates

Dynamic vs static templates

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