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AEM StandAlone vs Application Server Install


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What is the best installation method for AEM standalone vs Application server install?  When and why an App Server installation is recommended? What is the advantage of using app server install over stand alone install?  Thanks in advance.

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From what I am aware of, this completely depends on the architecture decided/infrastructure setup/feasibility. Most of the cases I have seen are people go for standalone installation. Probably application servers[depending on the one used] might add some additional features.

Other community members can provide some additional inputs on the same.


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Standalone install is generally acceptable - it's very quick and efficient, with fewer moving parts. However, application server install may be more appropriate if:

  • your company has a "preference", e.g. you are a customer of a particular application server vendor with extensive dependence on their application server, and lots of in-house knowledge on it.
  • your existing development or deployment methods predominantly deal in WAR/EARs.
  • you have well-established tools to setup, configure and monitor your existing application server.



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On a related note - for a good overview of AEM architecture/infrastructure - see this session:  Scott's Digital Community: Comparative Architecture Analysis of large scale Experience Manager Insta...