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Hi All,

I am working on AEM screen project. I have configured AEM screen player with Author and publisher url (ip address) and screen player is working perfectly fine and I can see contents from channel loading properly fine. But when I try to connect screen player with dispatcher url the screen coming blank and no content is loading. I have already followed below URL for dispatcher configuration with screen. Content is loading in browser but in screen player it showing black screen and no content is loading. I am updating dispatcher url from author environment. Thanks in advance.

AEM screen

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Let's debug this problem, can you please answer the questions below?

  1. Have you replicated all appropriate content to the publisher? There may be a chance where content has not been successfully replicated over,
  2. Can you share the error messages captured in the AEM publisher? Sometimes unexpected errors will be surfaced, such as 403 forbidden errors.
  3. Can you share the error messages captured in the Apache webserver? Valuable information will be captured by the webserver. This level of detail will give us a closer understanding of exactly what is happening.

Chances are we a missing a small configuration somewhere, we just need to debug and find the cause. 

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