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I have setup SAML auth handler on my AEM Authors and Publishers. Users are able to login and perform the required operations. My issue is - 

We use Jenkins/jules for build and release, jenkins uses cURL to upload and install code on the AEM instances. With SAML handler forwarding requests to IDP for authentication I am unable to get this working. In the past we used AEM system users but now we have a corp requirement to not use system accounds and use FID's with breakglass for password. Please share any ideas on how i can enable cURL to authenticate over SAML or if there are any workarounds

thanks for your help

regards- Vijay

AEM AEM 6 Developer AEM 6.4 curl SAML2.0

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Despite the SAML configuration you still can log as a local user to CRXDe. For that you can possibly use someting like:

curl -sv -X POST -u "admin:*******" -b <COOKIE FILE> --data "j_username=admin" --data "j_password=********" --data "j_workspace=crx.default" --data "j_validate=true" --data "_charset_=utf-8" http://<host>:<port>/libs/granite/core/content/login.html/j_security_check 

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