AEM Restrict in triggering a workflow on an Asset



Hi All,


Want to restrict in triggering a workflow on an Asset from 'Timeline' option when asset have certain property value set on it. 

Also needs to restrict trigger workflow on an asset if it is in folder path ending with certain suffix like /content/dam/folderA/nA, /content/dam/folderB/nA, /content/dam/folderC/nA paths i.e. assets under folder nA are not allowed for workflow, needs to restrict nA folder assets across /content/dam wherever folder /nA exists.


Any idea or suggestion how can this be achieved OR sample code would be really helpful ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You can try overlaying the below paths, you need to check the code in provider.jsp, if the URL contains nA then don't fire workflow. you need to do some analysis on this.




The other option is if you know what workflow you are going to fire, then you can create a workflow step, that should execute at the starting of the workflow, inside the workflow step check if the URL contains ends with "nA" then end the workflow.



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