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Hi, I am trying to implement react AEM spa in my project. It is working fine in author/preview and view as publish mode. But it is not working in publisher mode (4503). I can see json being fetched correctly. On debugging I noticed that on wrapper div of child components, attribute 'data-cq-data-path' is missing in publisher mode. Although it is available in author mode. Are we missing anything here.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @khush2947 ,


I have successfully done implemented AEM SPA with react and i can assure that it will work fine in publisher.I had generated the basic structure from here.

Also, data-cq-data-path allows the retrieval and association of the edit context configuration object of each component which is specific to author instance and might not generate into publisher instance(need to check).


Meanwhile, Could you please make sure that all of your bundles are up and running properly in publisher instance?Also, make sure you publish all the content related to your custom functionality.



Arpit Varshney

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