Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @arunk85184451 


1. A
It is very well explained in that #base is used to define the path of the folder where exists exists.


2. C

"config" folder is used for configuration to be applied if runmode/environment specific configuration are not present. "" will be specific to prod runmode


3. D

Refer farms sections in


4. A

Both B and C are not valid as anchor href was used without @extension. Now A and D are almost same just in A !grandchildren is used and in D !child.listchildren isused. A seems more appropriate as its value was already calculated in first data-sly-test


5. B
Changes in core components are never directlu done even if it is used as it is. the are always used by extending.


6. A



7. D



Answers are best of my knowledge but I would like to discuss if anyone option is different.




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Answers (1)