AEM Publish Instance - Cannot serve request to <path> on this server



I have configured an AEM author and publish instance on two different servers and configured the replication agent and the connection is successful. After publishing the we.retail pages I am not able to view any pages on publish server. I get the following error:


I am not able to access any other path either (such as /siteadmin, /sites.html, /useradmin etc.)

Through crx/de I logged in as admin and tried the paths but still the same issue. I was even able to access /libs/granite/security/content/useradmin.html and provide place the admin user in the administrators group. Still the same error. How do I enable these paths in the publish instance?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Your publish instances may have the run mode "nosamplecontent" on the first startup.

The runmode "publish" and "nosamplecontent" will not only automatically configure the instance to adhere to the security best practices described in the security checklist, but will also remove all the sample geometrixx applications and configurations in the process. This should be the reason why /siteadmin, /sites.html, /useradmin are not accessible from the publisher. 


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