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Sumanth-Narra 12-09-2018

We have an issue with AEM system performance(AEM author instance) when a huge number of assets upload/activate, the system is getting down for that we got a request to change the core values from 8 to 4 in configuration. how can we check the performance, is there any tool?

As per my research I find out Jmeter will be the best for performing, but not sure it's been set up in the project and as it stands checked with ToughDay followed instruction as mentioned working as expected an excel sheet is getting generated, but AEM instance is completely down, is there any suggestions? Also, how to compare the performance of 2 instance having different CPU cores using tough while uploading assets?

is there any tool recommended other than LoadRunner?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Nisha_Nivedita 13-09-2018

hello Sumanth-Narra Please check here Best Practices for Performance Testing

Also will be good to report a case with support to have your data like logs and threads analyzed for the cause of performance degradation of your instance.

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Answers (1)


Check these common issues when doing asset ingestion along with their solution:

Common Asset Ingestion Issues & Solutions

The most common solution is to disable the "DAM Update Asset" and "XMP Writeback" workflows. Then ingest the assets, and if you need to run the workflows then you can run them after ingestion is done in stages, so you don't run them all at the same time.