AEM: passing properties to sightly component from sling model inside HTML



Hi All,

We have a requirement wherein we need to create a template dynamically using the sling model response.

The challenge here is we have got some common components that we want to use for building up our template.

Is there a way that I can set the common components properties using slightly.

Any help is appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Are you talking about creating editable templates dynamically? It sounds like it from "create a template dynamically using the sling model response"

The best practice is to create an Editable Template (or more), create AEM Components using Sling Models, then in your Editable Template(s) - you set the policy the drives which components are allowed to be used in that given template.

Sling Models are used to create a given component - not Editable Templates.

You should follow the WEEKEND tutorial that shows you best practice on how to work with AEM technology:

WKND Tutorial Overview

This will guide you through how to properly use Editable Templates, components, Sling Models, etc.

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