AEM OOTB Multifield override not possible in 6.4 ?



Hi All,

I want to override OOTB mutifield to customize the multifield persistence (I want to store the content in a custom format - not as a json and not as child nodes). I tried overriding OOTB multifield render.jsp and unable to do so. I tried extending by sling:resourceSuperType ..but it doesnt seem to work.. then I read about granite:finalArea. on this URL (Adobe Experience Manager Help | Sustainable Upgrades ).. u cant overlay/override if mixintype finalArea is defined... so any alternate solution?? Cant we override multifield in 6.4???

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The short answer is No per my knowledge.

I assume that you have an AEM specific design to make your requirements work. OOB, granite:finalarea can only be used as slingResourceType which means you cannot overlay/override.

In my mind, the only solution is to build an end-to-end custom app using third party libraries and just host it in AEM per your use case.

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